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We pride ourselves on customer service and providing the best possible materials, workmanship and customer experience for each customer.  Please fell free to review the testimonials below .  You can be assured of a similar experience when you select Drechsler Construction for your next building project.

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Customer Testimonials

November 8, 2017
Pat Jackson

Pat Jackson sent Greg an email on November 8, 2017. It read in part:
"Greg, just wanted to thank you and your crew for the repair on our barn. And - there is something to be said about the quality of materials that Wick purchases - for the barn to be 20+ years old and not to have faded much - the new material hardly stands out!! If in the future you have anyone wanting to see a Wick building/material before they decide, feel free to have them come look at ours."
Thank you again,
Pat Jackson

April 20, 2017
Jim Hattan

Jim Hattan sent in a Customer Survey card, and here are some of his comments:

  • Jim got quotes from two manufacturers. A friend recommended Wick and Wick won the bid.
  • Important factors were: the builder's reputation, the appearance, and the Wick reputation.
  • Jim had not had a Wick building before.
  • Jim rates the Quality, Workmanship, and overall satisfaction as: Excellent
  • Would he consider a Wick Building for future projects?: Yes.
Jim's comment to Wick was:
"Greg Drechsler has done an excellent job. Very professional and very detailed, and he keeps a clean project area!"

April 21, 2016
Don Hall

Don Hall sent in a Customer Survey card, and here are some of his comments:

  • He checked out Wick and Stockade buildings and selected Wick.
  • Important factors were: the builder's reputation, the warranty, and the Wick reputation.
  • Don spent between one and three months researching for this project.
  • Don visited a Wick construction site to see how it all went together.
  • Would he consider a Wick Building for future projects?: Yes.
Don's comment to Wick was:
"Greg Drechsler did a great job on the building; would use him again. Very happy with the product."

January 18, 2016
Paul Reimann

Paul sent in a Customer Survey card, and here are some of his comments:

  • He checked out Wick and Morton buildings and selected Wick.
  • The builder reputation, the exterior appearance, and the lumber quality were very important.
  • Paul spent between one and three months researching for this project.
  • After the project, he rated these factors Excellent:
    "Quality", "Builder Performance", "Crew Workmanship", "Overall Impression of Wick"
  • Would he consider a Wick Building for future projects?: YES!
His personal comment was:
I feel the value for the money is good. For what I am using it for, the building is very adequate. I have built several rigid frame steel buildings for my manufacturing business which are better suited for overhead (rolling) cranes. This building was not to be used for manufacturing and appearance was more important for this application. You use quality windows and doors, which is important to me."

December 30, 2015
Mike and Jean Clay

Customer Survey Wick Buildings
405 Walter Rd. Box 38
Mazomanie, WI 63560-9901

Sir or Madam,
Your "Wick Buildings Owners Survey" does not allow for full and accurate comment on the building we recently had built by Drechsler Construction of El Dorado, KS. I will elaborate on a couple of categories by number. Other categories, such as #5, have items, like "quality of steel" I am not really qualified to comment upon. We feel that we can trust Greg Drechsler on these matters.

#1. We were informed about Drechsler Construction by a son of ours who lives in the same community as Mr. Drechsler. When our son learned that we were having trouble getting started on this project, he told us that he had heard good things about Mr. Drechsler and so we contacted him.
#3. Other than Greg, we contacted only unaffiliated contractors.
Here is our story.
We first contacted a firm who we were acquainted with on a friendship basis. We made a couple of office visits, but they never showed their faces at our proposed site and, even after we went to his HQ, the person they recommended for developing our "pad" was always too busy to begin our project.
After we called Greg Drechsler, he presented himself promptly at our home and we began developing plans for the building. He called on us often enough that we put together a plan to satisfy my needs for practicality and Jeanie's desire for attractiveness.

The order was placed and the materials arrived on schedule. Greg, his crews, and sub-contractors (cement for example), arrived when scheduled. We got used to workers arriving by headlights in the mornings.
Special requests were honored and fulfilled, such as Jeanie's need for a cupola WITH an eagle weather vane. I needed an extra, small overhead door in addition to full sized ones and I have it.

If our relationship Drechsler Construction is an example of what can be expected with Wick Buildings, your future should indeed be bright. Since our experience with Drechsler, we have shown our building to others who I understand have gone on to order Wick buildings.

Greg does what he says, when he says.

Mike and Jean Clay

Ted Blankenship
(unsolicited comment sent to Wick Buildings)

Customer Comments:
Wick Buildings would be hard pressed to find a better builder – representative than Greg Drechsler. Greg worked very hard to initially earn our trust. He spent nearly two hours with us on our first bid – visit. When we had questions he answered them promptly, politely and fully.
We asked to see some of his work and a Wick Building that he had built and he dropped everything (Sunday afternoon) and met us at one of his previous customer's farm building. In addition he invited us to talk with other customers independent of his presence.

During the entire build process Greg explained what he was doing and shared our options. “We can move windows 3’ East or 5’ West." “We can swing the door in or out." Etc. Etc.

Greg didn’t leave a scrap of anything to pick up or move after the job was complete, and not at my request or suggestion – we walked around the building together and actually adjusted screws in and out – too tight caused ‘oil canning’ so we fixed it.

I could go on and on….Greg’s workmanship is absolutely brilliant!
We may make up another project just so we can hire him again.

The quality of Wick Buildings is very Good – Greg Drechsler takes it to the next level. You fine folks need to take good care of this guy – he is truly an exceptional builder….and a great guy to know.

A 24 x 30’ wood shop – moving in now - * you folks should offer a super insulated package. I would have bought it!

Respectfully, Ted Blankenship
May 18, 2013
Mary Keifer

I know this was a small project for you- but you handled it with as much importance as a large project.
I appreciate your speed and the end results.
Thank you and your crew,
Mary Keifer

March 13, 2013
Tim Oltman

Greg Drechsler and his crew were very easy to work with. I am very pleased with the barn.

September 16, 2011
Bonnie Smith

On the recommendation of Prewitt Construction Co., we chose Wick and Drechsler Construction Co. We formerly purchased two Stockade buildings, and were so dissatisfied with the deal, we chose Wick. We are not sorry. The quality is excellent. Thanks!

October 15, 2010
Carl Hanna

Drechsler Construction took longer than I would have preferred, but the quality was worth the wait.
Good job.
Carl Hanna








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